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SurRon External battery 60V 8Ah Performance


External battery 60V 8Ah for motorcycle SUR-RON sHAD SL12M bag in performance to increase power and autonomy.

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This external battery performance specially designed SAVEMYBATTERY for the bike SUR-RON in 60V 12Ah composed of high discharge cells Samsung 40T or Molicel P42A (according to available stocks), you will increase significantly discharge intensity available on your Moto SUR-RON while increasing overall autonomy.

THE'performance allows you to significantly increase the power of your SUR-RON, for this you need to pass on a high performance controller (not provided in the kit).

This battery will seduce you by its compacity and his adapted design to the needs of SUR-RON users. It is conditioned in a bag SHAD SL12M specialized for motorcycle, with four straps at ends offering a reliable regardless of the user's conduct.

  • Disappearance of internal battery cuts during high accelerations or high slopes.
  • Increase in discharge current up to 120A in peak allowing to increase the power of the controller(s).
  • Increase in general autonomy, while keeping a handling of your machine thanks to the compactness of the external battery.
  • Preserves the life of the internal battery.
  • Once the external battery is installed, both batteries are loaded and discharged simultaneously..
Performance offer
Tension Capacity Unload* Autonomy*
60V 8Ah +80A +10km (+25%)
The performance offer is intended for people wishing to improve their basic equipment (controller exchange) in order to gain power and autonomy.

*Calculated for an external battery-free range of 40km

*The discharge current is the maximum power that a battery can provide.

Included in the Performance Offer
- 60V battery 8Ah, 12Ah or 16Ah
- Bag SHAD SL12M
-Additional straps

- Wiring Y (for parallel connection)

-First load connector

-Charger 60V 2A for the first load

Instructions for use:

It is absolutely necessary to avoid adding any additional item in the bag except in the transparent pouch for the smartphone, the battery made perfectly leaving no additional space.

Watch out! During the parallel connection of the external battery, it is imperative that your internal battery and the external battery have the same voltage to avoid any irrevocable damage to the batteries..

To do this, before installation :

  1. I'm charging my bike SUR-RON 100% with my original charger.
  2. I charge my external battery 100% with the first load connector and the charger 60V 2A both provided in the kit.
  3. I connect my external battery in parallel.
  4. Our external batteries are removable, you can remove them and then return them again without any problems, just repeat the operation "Before installation".

For more information please contact us

Circle-icons-phone-svg_1.png (+33) 4 28 29 44 71  Circle-icons-mail-svg_2.png contact@savemybattery.fr

Product Details

Data sheet

Nominal voltage
Temperature range for storage
10°C to 45°C
Rated discharge current
Max discharge current
Temperature range for discharge
0°C to 40°C
2 years
Type of cell
Samsung 40T 21700
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External battery 60V 10Ah/15Ah/20Ah for motorcycle SUR-RON sHAD SL12M bag in autonomy to significantly increase your overall autonomy.

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