Atwey Industrie, our visit to BFM BUSINESS: Specialist in the design and manufacturing of tailor-made batteries

Atwey Industrie excels in the design of tailor-made batteries, after having developed its growth in electric mobility through its Save My Battery brand, Atwey Industrie continues its development by positioning itself as a trusted partner for manufacturers in the sectors of handling, medical, maritime navigation, events & robotics. Our innovative expertise reduces costs and extends battery life, offering tailor-made solutions to meet specific industry needs

Change BMS Zero Battery 11X "LG or Chinese version".

Several users of the Zero11X have noticed cuts in their scooter coupled with a reduction in autonomy. The breakdown often manifests itself during vigorous riding, or when the weather is a little milder. And this is the big problem because to restart you have to wait for the BMS to cool down. To overcome this problem, the SMB team proposes a change of BMS, by integrating a new, better quality BMS.

The reconditioning of bicycle and scooter batteries, an ecological gesture with high economic impact.

The batteries that we use for our bicycles, scooters and other electric scooters constitute a certain form of pollution. Therefore, the reconditioning of batteries in French factories presents itself as the best alternative in order to act in favor of the planet while promoting the national economy.

Payment in installments available!

The Save My Battery team is very happy to be able to provide a new payment method to its customers. Thanks to our new partner Alma, you...

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