Change BMS Zero battery 11X "LG or Chinese"


We found several customers an anomaly on 11X batteries, and this is on the Chinese version or the LG. (For this presentation we will focus on the LG version for simplicity)

The 11X is a powerful scooter with 2 72V 45A controllers, powered by a 32Ah 72V battery, for the LG version (MH1 3200mAh)cellules batterie zero 11x


Batterie zero 11x version LG


Battery specifications :


2304 Wh

Rated voltage


Load control


Runway in Pic


Continuous discharge


Charger Max


Constant charge


Loading temperature


Pressure temperature

(-20 and 60°)


Several users of the 11X found cuts in their scooter coupled with a decrease in autonomy. The breakdown is often manifested during muscular wrinkles, or when time is a little more clementing. And this is the big breakdown because to get back, we have to wait for the BMS to cool.

The original BMS of the 11X is a BMS 72V 80A in peak, which heats a lot, one can deduce that one has a lot of depletion because of heat. And therefore a decrease in autonomy.


BMS batterie zero 11x version LG            BMS2 batterie zero 11x version LG


Action by Save My Battery

To address this problem the SMB team proposes, a change of BMS, integrating a new BMS of better quality.

BMS feature:

  • BMS connected 20S 100A continuously.
  • Auto balance
  • Load up to 50A possible
  • Real-time monitoring of battery and serial packs
  • Short-circuit protection, deep discharge and overload
changement de BMS batterie zero 11x version LG


Final result:

  • A gain of autonomy estimated between 10 and 15%
  • BMS cutback problem solved
  • BMS overheat problem solved

If you also have problems with your 11X battery do not hesitate to contact the team Save My Battery for more information by email: or telephone 04 28 29 44 71

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