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  • surron-battery-light-bee-60v-65ah-autonomy
  • battery-surron-60v-65ah-light-bee-autonomy

SurRon Battery Light Bee 60V 65Ah Autonomy


Battery 60V 65Ah 3900Wh Sur-Ron Light Bee.

Maximum peak power setting controller with this battery 13Kw.

Compatible with the original controller, only loss of battery display on the Display.

Battery box dimensions: 365X140X160mm .

For use on X controller, please also provide this piece: Shunted connector for X controller

Manufacturing times for this product may vary.

All our batteries are guaranteed for 2 years.

VAT included


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Battery 60V 65Ah 3900Wh designed for electric motorcycle SURRON LIGHT BEE. This is a battery with brand quality cells LG M50LT or SAMSUNG 21700 recognized for their reliability and autonomy.

The box is equipped with connectors On-Ron (load and discharge) original and battery poster containing all information on the remaining capacity.

The maximum peak power setting controller with this battery is 13Kw, coupled with one external battery 60V 16Ah performance this power may be brought up to 20Kw.

We place in this battery a BMS connected allowing to fully exploit the performance of this battery while having detailed battery information directly on the smartphone via a dedicated Bluetooth application.

This battery is compatible with fast chargers.

All our batteries are assembled in France in our workshop exclusively exclusively with branded cells (Samsung, LG, Molicel etc).

The charger is sold separately. Delivery in Metropolitan France, Corsica and European Union only.

NB: In case of loss of battery display on the motorcycle screen, the information remains available on the battery display and via Bluetooth on the application of the BMS on your phone.

Attention this battery requires a hood enhancement or a saddle enhancement not provided.


This battery is compatible with our 60V 10A Sur-Ron chargers.

" The price includes the box, battery pack, power and charge connector"

All our batteries are equipped with a BMS that allows you to control the charge, discharge, balancing the cells and the thermal protection of the battery. We have a point of honour on the quality of this electronic card for the safety of our customers.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us :

Circle-icons-phone-svg_1.png (+33) 4 28 29 44 71  Circle-icons-mail-svg_2.png

Product Details

Data sheet

Nominal voltage
Temperature range for storage
10°C to 45°C
Rated discharge current
Max discharge current
Continuous charging (advised)
5A to 10A
Temperature range for discharge
0°C to 40°C
2 years
Type of cell
LG M50LT or SAMSUNG equivalent in 21700
Compatible avec

Reference: 1602010050.EX9

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