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33V 10.5Ah E-twow booster battery (Second life)

Battery 33V 10,5Ah 347Wh for electric scooter E-twow Booster plus/S2 booster.

This product requires a time limit of 4 weeks.
All our second life batteries are guaranteed six months.

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Battery 33V 10,5Ah for electric scooter E-twow Booster plus/S2 booster. This is a battery with cells from the second life.

This lithium battery benefits from the quality of the Save My Battery connection and has an ecological index high while being economic, reliable and guarantee 6 months.

This battery is designed to 100% with components from the second life (bms, fiber, connector, etc.)

The charger is sold separately. Delivery in Metropolitan France, Corsica and European Union only.

" The price includes the battery pack, the power and charge connector"

All our batteries are equipped with a BMS that allows you to control the charge, discharge, balancing the cells and the thermal protection of the battery. We have a point of honour on the quality of this electronic card for the safety of our customers.

For more information please contact us

   04 28 29 44 71 or   contact@savemybattery.fr

Product Details

Data sheet

Nominal voltage
Temperature range for storage
10°C to 45°C
Rated discharge current
Max discharge current
Continuous charging (advised)
Temperature range for discharge
0°C to 40°C
2 years
Type of cell
Second life cell
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